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Children’s Ministries

The Children's Ministry of TFCC exists to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ for the glory of God and the wholeness of all people.
We seek to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ for the glory of God and the wholeness of all people by evangelizing and caring for the youth, by equipping and laboring together with parents to build a biblical foundation of faith in their youth, by preparing the youth to know, proclaim, and defend the truths of the gospel in the public square, by exposing the youth to the glory of God in the great commission of the Church.
How We Care for Children

We take seriously the responsibility to provide a safe and loving environment in which children can learn the Bible and take steps forward in their relationship with Jesus. Each lesson and activity strives to help children know Jesus, understand His Word, take the next step in their relationship with Christ, and equip them to share Jesus’ love with others.

We have a weekly children's program to help our children learn the core doctrines of our faith. We support our parents as they raise their children to be rooted deep in the truths of scripture.

We use the Gospel Project curriculum to teach the children the whole of scripture. We supplement this teaching with the New City Catechism which stresses the importance of the theology of the Bible.

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We seek to provide a safe, Christian atmosphere for the youngest members of our church family. We hope that our loving care for your child will allow you to participate in the multitude of opportunities available here.

We believe that children are a gift. Nursery Ministries provides special care to infants and toddlers that contributes to their well being and complements and strengthens the Christian nurture the child experiences at home.



We will seek to fulfill our vision and mission through six primary pillars:

1. Prayer: We commit to pray regularly for and with the youth. Both for the salvation for those who have not yet shown themselves to be in the fold of God’s elect and for the edification of those whom TFCC has recognized as believers.

2. Instruction: We seek to raise our children with robust, gospel-centered teaching intended and designed to prepare them to walk with God on their own when they leave the home.​


3. Partnership: Parents are the primary instruments of discipleship for youth. As the church, we seek to aid and partner with parents as they seek to raise their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

4. Evangelization: We seek to evangelize our children and teach them to evangelize other children.

5. Cultivation: As a whole, we as a church seek to raise up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord by caring together for each child with love, truth, faithfulness, and wisdom and by prayerfully instructing them in the word of God as we seek to untie the foolishness that naturally binds each child’s heart.

6. Delight: We seek to create an environment where youth can have fun while being taught God’s Word. We want this time to be full of delight as they learn and grow in the fear of the Lord.

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