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Daniel grew up in a church-going family in Tennessee where he heard the gospel regularly. The Lord saved Daniel at a young age, and he was baptized at the age of 12.

Daniel went to college at MTSU and earned a BS in Aerospace Maintenance Management.

Towards the end of his college years, he began pursuing ministry and worked on staff at a college ministry for two years where he preached and led worship music. After a few more years, he moved to Louisville, Kentucky to pursue more ministry training at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He became a member of Third Avenue Baptist Church, where he eventually met his wife, Ashley, who is a native of Louisville. They were married in August of 2020 and moved a few months after that to Twin Falls.

Daniel enjoys all things music, doing carpentry, anything outdoors, playing sports (not watching sports) and spending quality time with his beautiful wife, Ashley.  He enjoys listening to Need to Breathe, classical music, bluegrass, folk, and Jazz...but mostly just enjoys playing music.

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